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Quick Tour/Samples  

Take a quick tour to learn about the various Market Focus reports styles, options and features.


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Thumbnail Reports & Charts are Easy to Install

Thumbnail Reports & Charts can be inserted at various locations on your site simply by adding a few lines of code to your existing page(s) at the spot where you want the report to appear.

Click details & history on the report sample to view the Full Report.

Live Example of Tiny Thumbnail Report

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Major FX Rates



EUR/USD 0.9459
USD/CAD 1.4843
USD/CHF 1.6393
USD/GBP 1.5109
USD/JPY 105.5050


Example of Tiny Thumbnail Report


Medium & Wide Thumbnail Reports Include Charts

Major Forex Rates Click to Enlarge




EUR/USD The link on the left changes the chart. 0.9459 0.0026
USD/CAD The link on the left changes the chart. 1.4843 0.0033
USD/CHF The link on the left changes the chart. 1.6393 0.0004
USD/GBP The link on the left changes the chart. 1.5109 0.0116
USD/JPY The link on the left changes the chart. 105.5050 -0.0100

Use the links in the left column to display different charts.

Click the thumbnail chart to see a presentation-quality chart.

Live Example of Medium Thumbnail

Example of Medium Thumbnail Report & chart


Full Reports Show Historical Data & Volatility Statistics
Full Reports are accessed by clicking the links at the bottom of each Thumbnail Report, such as view charts & history or view details & history, or you can simply link to them directly.  Here is an example of a Full Report.

Daily Commentary and Analysis Pages are available on many Full Reports.  These powerful pages feature expert commentary and analysis of relevant economic factors affecting a given subject.  Here is an  example of Euro Commentary.

Is the USD/JPY exchange rate trending up or down?  What is the relation of current NASDAQ level to its 52-week high and low?  Is it reasonable to except Aluminum to trade above $2,000 or below $1,400 a year from now?  These are the types of questions answered by Full Reports and Commentary and Analysis pages.

Full Reports provide context by displaying the current rate or price of a group of items in relation to yesterday, last week, last month and last year.  Volatility statistics also appear on Full Reports to give you an indication of the likely range or the prices or rates on the report. 


There are Several Ways to Install Full Reports
Full Reports can be installed using one of three techniques, depending on the technology available to you:

1. If you have access to Server Side Includes (SSI) or other server-side script technology, Full Reports can be easily added to existing pages by including the report each time the page is loaded.  This technique provides the best performance. 

Live Example - Free

Live Example - Premium Cobranded

2. Like Thumbnails, Full Reports can be added to existing pages on your site simply by pasting a few lines of code at the spot where you want the report to appear.


3. If you use frames, simply link to the report's URL to display it in a frame.  Or, simply display the report standalone, in a new window.

Live Example (click view charts & history)

4. If you don't use server side scripts or frames, and the Javascript cut-and-paste approach is too slow (e.g. if the reports are very large) we will help you setup a template page on your site.  The template page includes everything you want on the page except the Full Report.  Instead of the report, we add a special placeholder to the page.  Our system will get a copy of the template page every day, add the Full Report to it and upload it back to your site.  You then link to it just like any other page.

Live Example

No matter what technique you use, once the report is setup you never have to touch it.  Just install it and forget it.


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