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Premium & Private Label Content Pricing  

We offer web-ready content under several different Content Plans, each designed to add a different level of "stickiness" and value to your site, each at a sensible price, including FREE.


FREE Content
for Your


No setup fees.  No long-term commitment.  No maintenance. 
Content prices range from just $18/month for a single report to $295 - $1,495/month for complete sets of reports, charts, data and commentary.  Pricing is based on the number of individual reports, number of items displayed, selected features and branding level (Premium Cobranded or Private Label).

Send us your requirements and we would be happy to provide you with firm quotes for a few recommended custom packages that fit your needs.

Review the sample below to learn more about the available configurations  (your reports can show whatever you want from these lists of symbols):

When you get a Linked Set, you can show the thumbnails without the chart, or with the chart on the side, chart on top, or all three ways, at no extra charge.

No banners will be displayed and no links off your site. You can select exactly which exchange rates, indices, commodities or interest rates appear on the report, as well as precise color matching to your site.

No long-term contracts, no setup fees. Just month-to-month and you can simply put a credit card on file that is charged each month. Cancel anytime.

Some live examples:

Premium Cobranded
Starting at just $18 per month, Premium Cobranded Market Focus Reports are an economical way to add stickiness and value to your site.
Private Label
For just $30 per month you can add Private Label content to your site that looks like you built and maintain yourself.
Because nobody like surprises, theFinancials.com does not believe in hidden costs.  No upfront costs or long-term commitments, either. Simply pay month-to-month using one of several payment options: check, credit card or wire transfer.

Please theFinancials.com?subject=MFR%20Pricing">contact us to learn more about Market Focus Report pricing, or call +1 843.886.3635 (GMT +5).

Feel free to try our FREE Market Focus Reports 

You can upgrade easily anytime to Premium Cobranded or Private Label


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