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Market Focus Reports can be added to your site using various techniques, depending on the design of your site and the technology available to you.


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Thumbnail Reports & Charts

Thumbnail reports and charts can easily be placed on any existing page simply by adding a few lines of JavaScript and HTML code at the spot where you want the report to appear.  

For example, the lines below produce the Forex Majors report in Tiny Thumbnail format:

<script LANGUAGE='JavaScript' SRC='http://www.theFinancials.com/free/EXt_Forex_Majors.js'></script>
<script LANGUAGE


If you can cut and paste, you can install our reports.

You can also use server-side technology such as Active Server Pages (ASP), CGI or Perl to implement Server Side Includes (SSI) to integrate the Thumbnail Reports. Either way, daily updating is automatic.

Example of site using SSI to integrate the Full Reports
(see Commodities and Forex sections)

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