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About theFinancials.com  

theFinancials.com has been online since 1998 publishing Compelling Financial Content for Websites and Investors. We are now on hundreds of sites and seen by thousands of investors and active traders daily.


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Company Overview
theFinancials.com specializes in the publication and distribution of value-added reports and charts for investors, online financial service firms, financial publishers and financially-oriented websites.  theFinancials.com obtains raw data from reputable sources (S&P DRI, Telekurs, Federal Reserve) and adds value to the data using an internally-developed time-series publishing system called Impact.  

Impact organizes and analyzes large quantities of financial data, aggregates it with independent commentary and other third-party content, packages the results in a variety of compelling, functional formats, and delivers it in various formats to web sites, FTP sites and email recipients.  Impact allows theFinancials.com to perform these functions with very low administrative overhead and very low overall cost, which is reflected in our pricing.

Products & Services Overview
theFinancials.com maintains inventories of financial content and provides services that focus on the foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity and index markets.  These products and services are made available for free, or at very reasonable prices, to partner sites through B2B Content Programs and investors through a series of destination sites known as The Market Libraries.


B2B Content Programs

A co-branding partnership with theFinancials.com is an excellent, and usually free, way to add compelling financial content to web sites and publications.  The table and chart below is an example of value-added financial content from theFinancials.com provided free to other financial sites and publications.  Host sites simply link to our content and Impact handles the daily updates.

More B2B Content Information

The Market Libraries Destination Sites

Collectively they are called The Market Libraries, the Currency Library, Commodity Library and Index Library are the "retail outlets" for 's value-added financial content.  New Market Libraries will be brought online in the future by connecting additional data sources to Impact and configuring the system to produce other web sites, such as an Equity Library, a Managed Funds Library, etc.

Products and services available at The Market Libraries include the following:

  • market data reports
  • presentation-quality charts
  • email newsletters
  • custom financial analyses and research
  • historical data
  • email alerts
  • breaking news
  • real-time quotes
  • futures research
Market Coverage

Currency Markets

Forex and Interest Rate charts, daily market reports and data downloads for:

  • Current and historical foreign interbank (London) exchange spot rates for 106 currencies (thousands of cross-rates)
  • Current and historical foreign exchange forward rates for 22 currencies 
  • Current and historical, short-term and forward inter-bank Interest Rates for 12 countries
  • 12-year database of Forex rates and end-of-day interest rates and volatilities
  • data provided by Telekurs

Commodity Markets

Commodity charts and daily market reports for:

  • Current and historical cash/spot and futures prices for 48 commodities
  • 20 years of historical data
  • data provided by Standard & Poor's DRI

Index Markets

Index charts and daily market reports for:

  • Current and historical levels for 84 indices
  • 6 years of historical data
  • data provided by Financial Times Information

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Please contact us for more information about theFinancials.com.

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