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Extensive resources that support your trading & research activities, including three sites dedicated to the a Currency, Interest Rate, Commodity & Index markets, plus free email newsletters and raw, timely financial data.


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Market Libraries Support Your Trading & Research

Excellent online resources to support your trading and research. Key features include market data, volatility statistics, presentation-quality charts, world economic news & analysis from S&P, expert commentary, real-time quotes & more.

Free Email Newsletters for Investors

Subscribe for free to one of 30 newsletters covering the currency, interest rate/bonds, commodity & index markets. Get daily/weekly updates. Your choice. Signup takes less than a minute. All you need is an email name.

Real-Time Quotes & Charts

Need real-time price data? Click here to get a 14-day FREE TRIAL of FutureSource quotes AND charts...all in real-time! Over 30 worldwide exchanges covered--get the speed, accuracy, and reliability that all real-time traders demand.

B2C Data

Backtest your market theories and techniques with historical data and scheduled updates for the Currency, Interest Rate, Commodity & Index markets. Receive only the data you need in precisely the right format, including XML, HTML, CSV and others.

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